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Our vision is a community where our children and adults can live safe and free from abduction and exploitation.

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Our Mission

Heidi Search Center, Inc. serves as a resource for families and communities by providing educational programs, referrals, advocacy, and assisting law enforcement in search efforts for missing children and adults in San Antonio, Texas and beyond.

Heidi’s Story

heidi-seemanHeidi Search Center was established in August, 1990, following the abduction of 11-year-old Heidi Lynn Seeman.  She disappeared from her Northeast San Antonio neighborhood on August 4, while walking home from a friend’s house. While the search for Heidi was expanding,

7-year-old Erica Marie Botello also went missing from her Southwest San Antonio home.

Within weeks, the bodies of both girls were discovered. Heidi’s body was found in a rural area in Wimberly, Texas, 60 miles from San Antonio. Erica’s body was found in a storm drain less than a mile from her home. Both had been murdered.

In all, more than 8,000 volunteers searched for 21 days, covering 1,200 miles. Due to the outpouring of volunteers and support, it was determined that a center was needed to advocate for families of missing children and adults, educate communities and assist in law enforcement sanctioned searches.

Heidi Search Center has since assisted families of more than 4,000 missing persons, providing emotional support, referrals, education and targeted assistance during searches. We actively work with civic leaders, communities and individuals to form partnerships that lead to raising awareness and ensuring safer communities.

Board of Directors

Alfred Rodriguez-President
Eric Gamble- Treasurer
Theresa Barrett-Lowder

Office Staff

Dottie Laster- Executive Director